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You chose to come to this website because you want to enhance your health and wellness or you have a dis-ease that you wish to eliminate from your body. You may have realised that big pharmaceuticals are in the business of creating customers and rarely have your best interest at heart. The Germ Theory, which the medical profession is based on, is focussed on the symptoms of the dis-ease and never treat the CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM.

As a holistic practitioner and during his years of international travels, Dr Ron has met many traditional, natural healers and has taken time to learn their alternative methods of healing, in contrast to the big pharmaceutical, western medicine approach to sick care. I believe people are seeking alternatives to help them GET WELL, which means eliminating the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.

Have you ever wondered why heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and many other diseases are GETTING WORSE?

Have you ever wondered why AUTISM rates have skyrocketed in the past 40 years?

Have you ever wondered why anxiety, depression and suicide rates are at an all-time high?

People are waking up to the fact that more pills they swallow, and the more vaccines they inject into their newborn babies and themselves has just made their health worse. The food we acquire from large supermarkets does not contain the same amount of nutrition as it used to have decades ago and NOW we have to look for SOLUTIONS to optimise our health and wellness.

This platform is designed to help answer your questions. Our team of healthcare professionals are collaborating to create a destination where you can get answers about your dis-ease, what is causing it and how it can be cured. This includes treatment, supplementation, diets, exercises and anything else that may be relevant to your unique situation.We also have access to other like minded healthcare professionals who follow a holistic view and we consult with the best team of professionals that we have managed to source out within the region.

Your health is your most important asset. Most of us only realise that fact when it is too late and we are already in a dis-ease state before we seek help. However, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Look at it this way, would you only change your smooth tyres on your vehicle after you have had an accident or try prevent having an accident by maintaining your vehicles with regular service? Your health is way more important than your vehicle you drive.

The journey to health is a way of life.

For those people who are serious about their health and living well


Sy Alberto

I have had back and knee pain problems since 2013. I saw Mabuhay chiropractor, Dr Marc, in November 2017 at SM Seaside. I was told to have a whole spine Xray. Dr Marc told me my whole spine, from cervical down to thoracic and to lumber is mis-aligned. I started my...

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Imee Evangelista

This is to commend Dr. Ronald Kenneth van As for the great work he has done to me and my son during our treatment in Mabuhay Chiropractor. As his patient, I appreciate his honesty and great passion to his work. I have been a patient of Mabuhay Chiropractor since...

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Jocelyn B. Acre

Doctors are Miracle Workers I’ve never been able to hear of existing chiropractic clinics in Cebu even if I’ve been looking for one for four years. I’ve only seen it on television and ever since, I’ve been wanting to try it out in hopes to resolve the body pains that...

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